Sunday, January 31, 2010

PT. Petro Bangun Engineering (PBE)

PT. Petro Bangun Engineering (PBE) is a local oilfield service company based in Indonesia. Our management team has 75 years of combined management experience and success, currently searching for highly qualified candidate for the following position:

Wellhead Engineer

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of Sales and/or field service experience;
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal;
  • Must have established market contacts;
  • General working computer knowledge;
  • Excellent organizational, selling and negotiating skills.

Finance, Accounting and Tax Supervisor

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Minimum 4 years experience in oil and gas company;
  • Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices, and procedures;
  • Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals;
  • A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected;
  • Posses Driving License A and C;
  • Though and willing to learn.

Design Engineer

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • 3 years experience in preparation of technical and machine engineers drawing in oil and gas company;
  • College or High School qualifications;
  • Advance knowledge of AutoCad Training, solid works or equivalent;
  • Revision Management;
  • Advanced technical writing skills;
  • BA or better in design or mechanical engineering.

Representative Officer, Northern A.P. Supply Chain Manager

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Strong Experience in Petroleum business;
  • Previous employment history at overseas is a must, preferably in China;
  • Familiar with Chinese business culture;
  • Negotiating proficiency;
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese (both in writing and speaking) is a must;
  • Minimum 2 years experience in Quality Assurance / Quality Control roles 5 years Oil industry experience;
  • Position will be responsible for representing PBE as supply chain manager including negotiations, QA/QC while in manufacturing cycle;
  • Follow up and planning customer relations , logistics as it relates;
  • Travel will be 50% of the time.

Contract Officer

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Male / Female;
  • Minimum 3 years experiences in Tender / Procurement Department in oil & Gas Industry;
  • Knowledge on BP Migas regulation PTK 007, certified is preferable;
  • Must be expertise in handling the Documentation of project tender administration.

Tender Administrator

Required Qualification and Experience:

  • Male/ Female;
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Tender/ Procurement;
  • Knowledge on BP Migas regulation PTK 007 is a Plus;
  • Must be expertise in handling the Documentation of project tender administration.

General Requirements for all positions:

  1. Good written and verbal communication skills;
  2. QHSE procedural knowledge;
  3. Extensive equipment and product knowledge;
  4. General computer knowledge;
  5. Good Mechanical aptitude;
  6. Fluent in English (both in writing and speaking);
  7. Strong Safety and Environment awareness;
  8. Ability to work on own initiative and within a team;
  9. Ability to follow a plan, read and follows manuals, and asks for guidance when required;
  10. Personal motivation and self learning ability;
  11. Effective communicator at all levels;
  12. Ability in developing maintenance procedures.

Please send your application by February 15th, 2010 at the latest with POSITION ON YOUR EMAIL SUBJECT

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